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 Vouch Rules!

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PostSubject: Vouch Rules!   Sun Aug 21, 2016 3:13 am

Hello all,

In an effort to improve the security of the forums and vouches, we have made a template and change how vouches work. Following this template is now mandatory only in a greater effort to weed out those that are in fact trying to get fake vouches, or haven't actually been trusted with anything. For a long time our vouch system was imperfect, and could very easily be abused.

Please fill out the template below for EACH vouch you give. The information must be accurate, and will be checked daily by the moderators. Anyone abusing will get a 5 day ban per occasion. If it happens multiple times, the user in question will get a permanent ban.

Price/Value of the deal:
Who went first:

Other Rules:

- You cannot give yourself vouches from other accounts
- You cannot ask other members to give you a vouch if there was no transaction
- You cannot buy or trade vouches
- Vouches are only for RWT transactions, not any other kind of transaction
- In the case of an MM, the above template should state an MM was used and all parties went first.

If any member is caught breaking the above rules they will be listed as a scammer and will be permanently banned from the forums. I hope we can all understand why this change has occurred, and make the best of it.



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Vouch Rules!
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